Communication Edit

We usually talk on Steam or on the forums.

Philosophy Edit

Luminous Forts is an open source project. This means that anyone can contribute. While we don't accept anything, we're very open to building a community and are glad to have contributions.

We also encourage authors to apply a license to their works, so they can keep full copyright. We'll remove any artwork upon request of the author (programmers must remove their code themselves).

Just because LuminousFort is open source doesn't mean it still doesn't have a team! We have a team!

Getting Started Edit

If you have something you want to contribute to Luminous Forts and you really know what it is, start by posting your idea on the Google Group.

Artistic Direction

General Information



Play Testing

External Links Edit

Activity: You can see recent development activity here

Source Code: The Luminous Forts source code is hosted on

FAQ: Everyone interested in the Luminous Forts should read the FAQ

Google Group: Google Group for the technical development of Luminous Forts

Issue Tracker: We tracker feature requests, bugs and tasks on

Open Source: Our development method is the Bazaar.

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