Luminous Forts is currently on feature par with Sourceforts 194 with the exception of Engineer healing .


  • Based on the Source SDK 2007 Orange Box engines
  • Requires HL2DM and Source SDK base 2007. Nothing else
  • Transparent development process and feedback


  • Construct blocks models made by William Smith and Kevin Whipp
  • Configurable individual block health
  • Configurable block worth system
  • 11 different block types


  • Sourceforts 1941 maps work out of the box with Luminous Forts
  • New set of entities that are easier to use than their SF counter parts


  • Gamemodes aren’t a new concept, but Luminous Forts makes them much better
  • It makes it really easy for coders to add new gamemodes
  • The gamemode chooses the player classes, weapons, phases, etc.
  • Mappers select the gamemode they wish to use under the Map Properties option in Hammer
  • The game automatically takes care of the loading of that new gameplay


  • Has quick access to community links, wiki, etc
  • Has a tutorials video player builtin


  • Open source and programmed with readability in mind
  • Contains only the Luminous Forts code, so it makes it very easy to see what the mod has done
  • Files are sorted according to function and in a separate folder from the Source SDK
  • Contains an application to merge the Luminous Forts code with the Source SDK 2007

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