There are two ways to setup Hammer for LuminousForts. There is a program that automatically sets up Hammer for LuminousForts. It is recommended to use that program or one can just setup LuminousForts the conventional way.

Configure Hammer Automatically (the better way)Edit

Download the automatic Hammer setup tool from this website: There's a download button.

Before you use it, make sure to have loaded the Source SDK and Source SDK Base 2007 at least once! Then just click "OK" and let it search for your Steam folder. If it does not find your Steam folder, then you'll have to manually select it. Then enter your Steam username (yes, I know it's hard to remember, but you can't do anything without it).

Configuring Hammer ManuallyEdit

Step 1: Open Hammer editor using HL2/Source SDK 2007 Configs

Step 2: Go to tools>options in hammer

Step 3: Under Configuration, next to Half-Life 2, press Edit

Step 4: You'll see a list of currently configured hammer games. Press add; enter Luminous Forts. Close the edit box. Select Luminous Forts under Configuration

Step 5: Under Game Data Files, you need to add the LF .gcf file. This is what includes all the custom entities and such for LF. Press Add and naviage to the luminous forts folder, and double click the gcf.

Step 6: Under Game Executable Directory, find the directory that contains the binaries for LF - we're using source sdk base 2007, so enter $SteamUserDir\source sdk base 2007

Step 7: Under Game Directory, find the LF Folder. $SteamDir\steamapps\SourceMods\LuminousForts

Step 8: Under Hammer VMF Directory enter the folder where you want the vmf/bsp files to be saved for LF. $SteamDir\steamapps\SourceMods\LuminousForts\maps

Step 9: Go to the build programs tab and make sure luminous forts is still selected.

Step 10: Next to Game Executable, enter: $SteamUserDir\source sdk base 2007\hl2.exe

Step 11: Next to BSP Executable, use the Orange Box vbsp.exe: $SteamUserDir\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin\vbsp.exe

Step 12: Next to VIS Executable, use the Orange Box vvis.exe: $SteamUserDir\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin\vvis.exe

Step 13: Next to RAD Executable, use the Orange Box vrad.exe: $SteamUserDir\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin\vrad.exe

Step 14: For the last option, but the LF Maps Folder. $SteamDir\steamapps\SourceMods\LuminousForts\maps

Step 15: Restart Hammer for changes to show up!

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