Current Release Edit

Luminous Forts 0.1 Edit

Future Releases Edit

Luminous Forts 0.2 Edit


Design Edit

  • New grenade for engineer (Code)
  • HL2MP weapon specification balancing (Code)

Code Edit

  • Server side Lua integration
  • Major bug fixes
  • Combat Phase freezing
  • Block healing

Map Edit

  • Select community maps to add
  • Work with team on internal maps

Modelling Edit

Luminous Forts doesn't have any modellers on its team!

  • Look for modelers

Luminous Forts 0.3 Edit

Design Edit

  • Outline new player classes and weapons

Code Edit

  • Bumrush Gamemode

Past Releases Edit

Luminous Forts Beta 0.1 Edit

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