Linux SVN Server SetupEdit

This is for a development server version. If you want to have a release version, go to this tutorial: Linux_Server

This is for Linux only. For Windows we'll need a completely different solution.

I've built some tools for compiling Linux binaries automatically each day, then commiting them to the LuminousForts SVN. There is a server in my house that does this everyday. Because of this, your game server can simply download the latest revision of LuminousForts from the SVN and run it without any modifications.

If you just want to host a server you can ignore this, but if you want to setup a builds server you can download the scripts here.

Hosting a SVN LuminousForts serverEdit

Step 1) Download hldsupdatetool.binEdit

Run this tool, it will download “steam”


wget; chmod 755 hldsupdatetool.bin; ./hldsupdatetool.bin

Step 2) Install the orangebox server filesEdit


./steam -command update -game “orangebox” -dir orangebox

Step 3) Download LuminousForts from SVNEdit


cd orangebox/orangebox

svn co

Step 4) Run LuminousFortsEdit


./srcds_run -game luminousforts -console -allowdebug +map lfc_caved +maxplayers 16 -autoupdate -tickrate 67

Optional Step 5) Setup automatic SVN updateEdit

Add the following to your cron configuration:


svn co

killall srcds

/path_to_luminousforts_server/srcds_run &

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